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My dad and his new wife's wedding reception was yesterday. The reception was at the art school where they met, in a part of the building that used to be a church. It's pretty strange- you walk through the art galleries, very brightly lit with plain white walls, then suddenly you're in a dimly lit stone room covered with religious murals and sculptures. I got there before the rest of my family (and before Dad and Marie-Claire - they were late to their own reception, lol) and didn't know anyone. Awkward. Eventually someone recognized me as my dad's daughter and came over to talk and introduced me around. And her boyfriend looked so much like Patrick Wilson. I had no problem hanging out with her and Mr. Patrick Wilson Lookalike :D

Through the course of the night they reread the vows they took at the wedding, and exchanged a new set of rings that my dad made. Lots of nommy food (and it's so awesome to have fellow vegetarians planning the events- it's the first big catered event where I could eat more than a vegetable side dish and didn't have worry about chicken stock or fish in the "vegetarian" stuff). And a cupcake table! They were also handing out the Cuban cigars they got on their honeymoon and gave me one. I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna smoke it XD I don't really smoke things. And it's not like you can just smoke a cigar by need the right environment for it!

The afterparty was at a karaoke bar. I was too chicken to sing (though there was no Lady Gaga available! I would have sung to Lady Gaga). My sister sang a George Micheal song and my dad sang, like, everything. It was a private room, so no strangers to be embarrassed in front of. My aunt drove me home, and she's awesome and I rarely see her so the time to talk was nice. She was telling me about how she goes up to NYC just to walk around and explore and it makes me want to do same so much.

I didn't take many pictures, and they were mostly of the decor:


A good night. And tonight, more of The Walking Dead!


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