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It was the day of strange weather today. First the high humidity and 95 degree morning, then thunderstorm, then hail for an intense five minutes. I didn't get any pictures because it all melted within a few minutes, but the biggest chunks of hail were about 2 inches across. No damage, except to the plants out front. The big potted lily snapped right in half :( I feel for the people who were driving when the storm hit; you couldn't see a thing and the hail was coming down hard.

I got to upload some pictures, so look what Julia made me! )
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Hallelujah, I have a class schedule.

I went back to Temple yesterday for orientation and registration. I got lost again trying to find the right building but happily made it in time and was relieved to see that my name was on the list. The orientation part was a presentation about using Owlnet and some stuff about credits . Then we had to register ourselves online through Owlnet, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting a one-on-one thing but there were about 30 student and 6 or so advisers walking around to help.

Registering was really frustrating because most of the classes were full so I had to click every single class listing until I found something open. I still have a bunch of core credits to fulfill and none of those classes were open. But I managed to find courses that fit my major and I didn't have to resort to taking lame electives.

Here's what I have:
Japanese Elements I (I've given up on French and I was so glad get to get a spot in this class.)
American Literature
The Modern Novel
American Art
Gender in Antiquity (Didn't really want to take this, but there wasn't much else.)

It's a huge weight off my mind that I'm finally set for school. Housing's not so good- the two people I've email haven't responded and it's disheartening. There's still plenty of other people to email though. I'm prepared to commute from my mom's house until I can find a place.

And now for something completely different-pictures from Lisa's birthday. I made her a cake and she chose a cute Hello Kitty candle. I didn't tell her what kind of cake it would be so it would a surprise.

Hello, cakey. )


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