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30 Day Meme
Day 26 → Your week, in great detail

Well, last week. Technically I started this entry Sunday night and have been taking forever finishing it.

Monday of this week I already talked about. Tuesday was my Tuesday/Thursday schedule, which means Advanced Contemporary Lit in the morning. We started the discussion of Snow White and I had to give my 5 minute presentation on the short paper I wrote. For the paper I'd tried to guess what direction the prof would go with discussion and guessed way wrong, but she was good at connecting what I talked about to the topic she had going. After that class I have a hideous three hour break when I usually just try to occupy myself without falling asleep. I read a bit in the library, and searched for a bookbag in the bookstore (all too expensive), then tried to read outside but ended up watching squirrels run around. After the break was 19th C American Lit, where we were talking about 19th century Asian immigration and orientalism in literature, and started some stuff about Theodore Roosevelt. That was my last class of the day so I headed home. On the bus a guy cornered my and started chatting me up >:| Maybe I'm an unfriendly person but I generally don't like that. Probably also has to do with the fact that I'm terrible at saying no when I don't want to answer a question. Though I also think it's skeevy to hit on someone when they can't go anywhere- had I tried to shut him down I'd still have to sit awkwardly next to him for at least 15 minutes. He said I was a real woman because I don't have kids (????) then asked me if I ever plan on getting married (?!?!?). Then asked for my phone number and I got all flustered and didn't know what to say and gave it to him :( Since then he's called once and texted once and I've ignored them, and that's about it. Just hope I don't see him again. I'm mostly annoyed at my inability to tell people to fuck off.

Wednesday was similar to Monday, but without the night class. Religion class was review for a test. Lots of scribbling and note-taking on my part because I still hadn't caught up on the readings. Then work. I asked my boss for a letter of recommendation for a job application and she asked me to draft it myself and she'd sign it XD I'm still writing though; it's harder than it sounds. Hmmm, I don't remember what else I did at work. It's been very slow in term of phone calls and emails for me to answer so it was probably just busywork for the whole shift. At home I make cookie dough for some Halloween cookies and left it to chill in the fridge overnight. And read some stuff for the next day. Yeah I don't remember what happened that night. Nothing interesting.

Thursday we finished Snow White in Contemporary Lit. My conclusion: I didn't like it. There were some interesting points made about language and individual sections were interesting, but I didn't see anything tying it all together as a story. My prof said it's an experimental novel in that it tries to critique language use while using language in a new way, but that's not enough to make it a good book in my eyes. After that class was the long break. I'd brought my laptop with me, which I normally don't do because it's bulky and heavy. But I had to type up a homework assignment for my later class so I sat in the library and did that. And wasted time on the internet, since there's wifi. Three hours goes by faster when you've got your computer in front of you. In the American Lit class the prof started by showing us this video on a Liberal Arts education...then told us it was all true XD I'd love to go to grad school eventually for something in liberal arts but I don't want to teach. Which is a good choice, it seems. Then we had to start talking about the intimidating final paper that's due in...just over a month. Ack. We also talked more about Teddy Roosevelt and his ideas about masculinity. If you were rich and didn't work you had to go kill elephants and wrestle leopard to still be a man, according to him. Some of the more interesting stuff from that class, I think. That night I got my other two wisdom teeth out. Went much faster than the first two and was pretty unremarkable. I bought ice cream afterwards cause I couldn't have solid foods that night :3

Friday- Religion test in the morning that I think I did well on, another boring work shift that I can't remember in the afternoon. It was fiiinaly cold by Friday- it'd been really warm and humid all week before the temp dropped about 20 degrees. I bought coffee and walked around the city a little after work because it was so nice out. Back at home I finished making Halloween cookies while watching some Halloween stuff on TV, and gathered everything I'd need for the weekend.

On Saturday I went to visit [ profile] doctor_anon! Took the train in the morning. It was a beautiful train ride, seeing all the changing trees. And mountains! And cows! Anyway, I met with dr_anon at the train station and had a tour of the house and met the cats :) Most of the morning we wrote the script for an action figure theater shoot, which was fun and lead to a lot of good interesting talk. We went to a Tai place for lunch. I'd never had Tai before but it was really good food. And spicy. I learned not to just pop the little green peppers into your mouth without tasting for heat first XD Afternoon we did more writing and planning and I forget what else. Once it got dark we started shooting the action figure theater photos, with a movie in the background and tasty snacks to eat. The whole thing was a ton of fun, both the writing and shooting. The photos went through some editing the next morning over breakfast. We also went to a very cool antique/thrift store that had a ton of stuff. I bought a salt/pepper grinder set and dr_anon bought me a little owl pin <3 I got the train back home in the afternoon. There were a bunch of little kids in Halloween costumes on the bus :) I didn't hand out candy or anything, just watched Beetlejuice and Ghost Hunters.

That's about as detailed as I can get trying remember things from a whole seven to three days ago. /phew

(and once again I'm too lazy/tired to proofread this, so sorry about typos)

Date: 2010-11-03 02:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] melanie g (from
Okay that dude on the bus thing is mad creepy. haha. It reminds me of this time Freshman year at Temple when some random guy wanted me to listen to his music and wanted my number for some I gave it to him to make him go away. Next thing I know I have this like 10 minute long voicemail of him rapping or playing music or something. It was actually kind of hilarious cause I was with friends at the time so I made them listen to it haha. But anyhow, stuff like that is totally a reason to get a Google voice number! That way, you can easily screen and block calls or texts or whatever. :)

Oh Dominique did that to Liz too...made her write her own letter of rec and then signed it. I can imagine that being pretty awkward. lol

Date: 2010-11-03 06:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, mad creepy is about right. At least he seems to have given up by now. The voicemail in your case sounds hilarious- that's the strangest thing to leave for a complete stranger XD Blocking calls would be good, but I think I need to get better at not giving out my phone number to whoever asks.


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