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My dad and his new wife's wedding reception was yesterday. The reception was at the art school where they met, in a part of the building that used to be a church. It's pretty strange- you walk through the art galleries, very brightly lit with plain white walls, then suddenly you're in a dimly lit stone room covered with religious murals and sculptures. I got there before the rest of my family (and before Dad and Marie-Claire - they were late to their own reception, lol) and didn't know anyone. Awkward. Eventually someone recognized me as my dad's daughter and came over to talk and introduced me around. And her boyfriend looked so much like Patrick Wilson. I had no problem hanging out with her and Mr. Patrick Wilson Lookalike :D

Through the course of the night they reread the vows they took at the wedding, and exchanged a new set of rings that my dad made. Lots of nommy food (and it's so awesome to have fellow vegetarians planning the events- it's the first big catered event where I could eat more than a vegetable side dish and didn't have worry about chicken stock or fish in the "vegetarian" stuff). And a cupcake table! They were also handing out the Cuban cigars they got on their honeymoon and gave me one. I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna smoke it XD I don't really smoke things. And it's not like you can just smoke a cigar by need the right environment for it!

The afterparty was at a karaoke bar. I was too chicken to sing (though there was no Lady Gaga available! I would have sung to Lady Gaga). My sister sang a George Micheal song and my dad sang, like, everything. It was a private room, so no strangers to be embarrassed in front of. My aunt drove me home, and she's awesome and I rarely see her so the time to talk was nice. She was telling me about how she goes up to NYC just to walk around and explore and it makes me want to do same so much.

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30 Day Meme
Day 20 → A hobby of yours

Video games! I just bought a bundle package of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and I've been practicing shootin' me some zombies. I've never played a first person shooter before so that's taking some getting used to, and I die a lot, but it's a fun game. Very loud, lots of guns. I've also gotten back into The Sims 2 after a long time of not playing it. Stuff I'm looking forward to are Dragon Age 2 and the Nintendo 3DS (shinyyyy) with the 3D reboot of Ocarina of Time.

Speaking of gaming, fiiiinaly the weeks of papers and big assignments are over with. I am gonna sleep and play video games so much this weekend.

So, things happened this past weekend. As I said before there was my grandmother's 80th birthday party. I did end up with a handful of people asking about my post-grad plans, but not as many as I'd expected. I think there were about 200 people at the party so there was too much going on for conversation, and I mostly ended up talking to the people at my table. And damn, seeing, greeting, and chatting with all those people in one place was intense. I swear I don't know who half my cousins are. So many of them are 15+ years younger than me or live far away or both, so I see them and I'm like "Oh, we're related? How 'bout that." But there was cake, and it was fun seeing all the little kids running around on the lawn next to banquet hall. I remember when running around with other kids was the height of fun... *nostalgic sigh*

And my dad got remarried on Sunday. It was a private ceremony, just them and two witnesses, so I wasn't there. They went up to the Adirondacks and got married on an island in the middle of a lake, and now they're honeymooning in Cuba for two weeks. I'm at my dad's house now to house/cat/turtle sit while they're away. And when they get back there's gonna be a big reception, which means I'll have to figure out a wedding present. And find me some wedding-going clothes. Hurm.
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Yesterday there was a big family thing down in Maryland and I went with my dad and his fiance (both sisters skipped out, grrr). I only knew about five people there even though we're all apparently related, so that was a little awkward. I won a Skip-It from this little contest we did. Ah, family.

The location was very cool though; a park (national park, maybe) right on the Chesapeake Bay, and our picnic area was right by a fishing pier. My dad's cousin was crabbing and fishing all day and ended up bringing home about three dozen crabs. There was a turtle pond too with a snapping turtle that loved the vanilla wafers we fed him. And! The park has a rehabilitation center for birds that are injured, and some of them can't be re-released into the wild. There's a really cool habitat for a handful of raptors right in the middle of the woods. No attendants, just a series of wood-and-wire enclosures.


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After we left the family picnic Marie-Claire had a hankering for some crabs so we explored the area a bit looking out for a restaurant. Which was mostly...driving past cornfields. For like an hour. We did find a restaurant overlooking a marina and Dad and Marie-Claire had their crabs. I've never been to a crab place before so I was kinda 0_0 when they dumped a pile of cooked crabs right on the table. They creeped me out. And I don't eat seafood so I was there with my salad and french fries. Idk, I think seafood will eternally weird me out.

And then this silliness happened after dinner, because we're all dorks sometimes.
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Boring life events ahead, but damn it's been a good few days.

-First of all, waaahhh, good news at school. Back in March I had my AP scores from high school sent to Temple (after an adviser mentioned they don't have them and I could be getting credit for them). I'm hoping that the upcoming fall semester will be my last, but I'd have to take 18 credits to finish my degree, and knowing how badly things go when I get overwhelmed with schoolwork that would not be a good situation for me. If I could get credit for the AP scores it would mean fewer classes and an increased chance that I'll actually graduate.

So apparently Temple got the scores but no one reviewed them to see if they could count for credit, leaving them floundering in the system for three months and leaving me freaking out. I started complaining to people this week. Three offices later it was resolved, and I got nine credits! So only four classes next semester, which is so much of a relief I can barely stand it. And graduation is in sight, ahhhh!

-My dad and I are both searching for new phones and we were browsing at the T-Mobile store yesterday. While a saleswoman was calculating some costs for him we started talking about how his old cell phone looks like the old Star Trek communicators, and the saleswoman joined in. When it was time to pay she didn't charge him for the stuff he needed. We think it was the Trek talk that did it :)

-My dad loved the graphic novels I got him for his birthday. He was actually looking at the same Clive Barker one online but decided against it because of price. It's sheer luck that I picked it up at the con, since it was the only thing by Barker I saw, and a happy coincidence that I did.

-I went to the art museum today, and the American collection has "Rachel Crying" by C.W. Peale - a painting of a woman crying over the body of a (very obviously) dead child. The description plaque said that when it was originally shown it was kept behind a curtain, with the warning "Before you draw the curtain, consider whether you may afflict a Mother or Father who has lost a child." And I had to suppress some giggles when I realized it was the 1772 version of an LJ cut and a trigger warning. Nothing new under the sun, even for you, internet.

Meow meow

Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:09 am
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Went to Dad's yesterday for father's day. It was nice seeing him and my sisters, and I got to play his Wii. I cooked all sorts of things as a father's day gift and was ridiculously pleased that everything came out tasty (and that I didn't chop off any fingers in process!).

But I also saw Stripes, my poor old kitty. Dad mentioned a few weeks back that the vet found a tumor under his tongue that was restricting use of his tongue, and he can't eat or groom properly because of it. Dad and Marie-Claire have been hand feeding him wet food and brushing him, but he's gotten so skinny :( He's been stress-chewing the fur off his legs, too. He's gotta be about 15 years old now, and he's still purring and walking around and sitting with people but his age is showing. I'll be cat-sitting two weekends from now so I'll get to spend time with my buddy Stripes.

The other cat, Raja, has no problem eating. He's as big as a house and its a goddamned weight lifting exercise to pick him up. Dad said he's been mean to Stripes, the little brat.

I also reclaimed about two dozen books I'd left at Dad's over the years. Now my room is in an uproar trying to clear off the bookcase to find room for all of them. I have these old textbooks that are out of date and going for a whopping $.75 on ebay. I don't know if used bookstores'll even take them. But with everything a mess I can't find my camera USB; I wanted to post a pic of the late birthday present my sister made me. But later, then.

Also I finally beat The New Super Mario Brothers. \o/ I feel accomplished.


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