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The main character of the book I'm reading now is a baker who keeps mentioning her cinnamon rolls, and after 200 page of this I succumbed to the power of suggestion and made cinnamon rolls. I messed up a little with the yeast so they didn't rise as much as I'd hoped. They're closer to bite-sized than the big puffy rolls I was going for. But they taste good.

And they were well-timed treats, because we've had miserable weather the past few days. Yesterday was a constant switch between rain and snow that turned into a mess of slush, then overnight we got about a foot of heavy, wet snow. Thank goodness it's my day off work (because the school didn't close, even today), but there's still shoveling to do at home. There were several backups on our narrow little street when cars got stuck on the ice. Snow is pretty and all, and exciting, but I've hit that point where dealing with winter weather is dragging me down.

I'm still working on campus, and being there not as a student is a little strange. Thinking about stuff like finding classrooms and buying textbooks makes me happy not to be doing that anymore :) I've started the venture of shopping for appropriate job interview clothes, which as been less fun. I even need to get new stuff like a new purse and shoes (my current purse is so battered it's not doing me any favors, and I'm realizing I don't have any black heels).

Ah well. For now I'll go eat my cinnamon rolls and keep my toes warm.
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30 Day Meme
Day 19 → A talent of yours

Eh, I guess writing counts as a talent. I'm in the middle of trying to churn out several papers for school and my writing really doesn't feel like anything to be proud of right now.

It's been a busy week at school, since all my teachers conspired to have the big assignments due around the same time, and at work now that my boss is back from Brazil and we're working on a big international student exchange project. I'm putting together most of the promotional material which means I get to do a lot with graphics, which is the more fun side of my job at least. I mentioned a while ago that my childhood cat, Stripes, had been doing badly lately and last weekend my Dad emailed to say that Stripes had died :( He was a old cat and he died quietly in his sleep, but it's still sad. We've had that cat since I was 7.

But, despite the workload and unavoidable sad things, it's October and beautiful and cool out, and I'm in a lovely fall Halloween mood. I've painted my nails orange and I'm planning all sorts of apple- or pumpkin-flavored things to cook once I'm done with school stuff.

Except there's more whining here. )
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One more final to email in tomorrow and this semester and I are fucking done, professionally.

Last two weeks were the stress weeks from hell, and this video, which was randomly posted in a thread somewhere, was pretty much the only thing cheering me up. I know videos of cute animals are the oldest of meme but idgaf. I actually squeed at the bunny. (Oh god my five-year-old self is rearing her pigtailed head I want a pet bunny)

I had a phone interview last Friday with someone from the Japanese consulate. I was okay, I guess. If the interviewer was noting down "inarticulate bumble" at times I really can't blame him, and I ended up repeating myself an embarrassing number of times. I'll find out by the end of the month whether I got into the program or not. I mean, there's a chance everyone else they interviewed sounded worse than me, right? ...right? (And sort of related, I got my passport in the mail! It's new and shiny and has pictures of cacti and buffalo inside!)

Will be working a bit more than expected these first two weeks of summer, since stuff's all crazy with summer classes starting and a million other things happening in the office. My boss got an iPad for the office though, which hopefully I will get to play with. I haven't gotten to use the Kindle other than ooooh-ing over it. What the point in working somewhere with a built-in reason to buy gadgets if I can't use them?

I'm also endeavoring to use to tags. We'll see how that goes.
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Happy Yom Kippur, everybody! My Judaism class was canceled for the holiday, though sadly not my later class, and since I'm not Jewish I can't justify staying home. And because of the cancellation I now have a three hour break between work and class. Blerg. But I wrangled me a computer here in the lab and I have a paper due Wednesday I can work on (or, y'know. I can blog).

Also I'm on a Mac right now and this is different and strange. I just googled "how to right click on a mac". This keyboard is a bitch to use, with the keys sticking and taking a lot of force to press down. None of the PC keyboards give me these problems. :P

Stayed late at work this morning since I didn't have to run off to class and finally met my coworker Paul. It's so strange working a job where I can go a month without meeting my coworkers, only interacting with them through emails and post-it notes. Work was very boring, since Dominique is out for Yom Kippur too, and calls and emails are very sparse. Ended up passing the time with a mix of homework and playing around on the internet.

Nothing interesting has been going on. Saw District 9 last week, which I loved. Need to figure out what's going on with my debit card, whether it's expired or not (it works some places and not others) and how to get a new one if it is. School goes on, though it's hard to believe it's only two weeks until midterms. The first big papers for two classes are due this week and next week. Oh, and we have a peer editing session for one of them on Wednesday, which I'm not looking forward to. I hate showing my writing to other people, and I hate having to critique my classmates' stuff. I never want to be too harsh even if they need it, or I can't find anything to comment on but feel like I should correct something. No fun, overall. Though at least it forces me to write a rough draft, which I should really get into the habit of doing rather than get frustrated trying to get it all right on the first go.

Okay then, must be going to class soon. So long.


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