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Short entry to check in, because I haven't in a while.

I took a final exam on Tuesday (given early so we could use the rest of the semester for our papers) and thank god, it's done, it's over. Might have been the worst essay ever but I don't care because whatever, I'm done with that. Papers are looming now and I'm in the early research stage, and the "dear god I hope these articles inspire something for me to write about" stage. This and next week a bunch of my classes have been canceled which means some nice breaks and chances to go home early. I'm already planning out stuff to cook for Thanksgiving. Next Wednesday I have the option to not go into work and with my class canceled that day I could have the whole day off to cook, but I might take the shift for the money and the chance to get school stuff done there. Not sure yet. A day off is tempting.

I will go back to the 30 Day Meme soon, and I hope to do a zombie-filled post about The Walking Dead and the Left 4 Dead games. It's just that those are taking more effort than I'm willing to put into LJ posts at the moment. Though maybe I'll do the next meme prompt later today.

That's about it for now. Here, have a dog:
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30 Day Meme
Day 19 → A talent of yours

Eh, I guess writing counts as a talent. I'm in the middle of trying to churn out several papers for school and my writing really doesn't feel like anything to be proud of right now.

It's been a busy week at school, since all my teachers conspired to have the big assignments due around the same time, and at work now that my boss is back from Brazil and we're working on a big international student exchange project. I'm putting together most of the promotional material which means I get to do a lot with graphics, which is the more fun side of my job at least. I mentioned a while ago that my childhood cat, Stripes, had been doing badly lately and last weekend my Dad emailed to say that Stripes had died :( He was a old cat and he died quietly in his sleep, but it's still sad. We've had that cat since I was 7.

But, despite the workload and unavoidable sad things, it's October and beautiful and cool out, and I'm in a lovely fall Halloween mood. I've painted my nails orange and I'm planning all sorts of apple- or pumpkin-flavored things to cook once I'm done with school stuff.

Except there's more whining here. )
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Still haven't heard any word about getting into that capstone, despite calling the prof's office and refreshing my email every five minutes. But, another prof put the syllabus and all our reading material is articles online, so no books to buy!

I'm distracting myself with the internet. Here's a video of a crab hanging out with an octopus who lives in a rice cooker under the sea.

My favorite part is when the robot arm puts the lid back on, like "Oh, pardon me, ma'am."
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Got an email and a phone call this morning from an adviser telling me that my capstone course was canceled. The big thesis-paper course that I need to graduate. A week before classes start. I've gone through panic mode and now I'm waiting to hear back from a professor I emailed about getting into another, filled course. Worst case scenario, I end up with a topic I'm not interested in and an inconvenient schedule.

It could ultimately be a good thing. I signed up for the course I did (Post-Colonial Studies, wtf I know nothing about that) because my first choice was full and this gives me a legit reason to beg to be let into the full course. I just wish it wasn't happening this late.

*refreshes email*
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One more final to email in tomorrow and this semester and I are fucking done, professionally.

Last two weeks were the stress weeks from hell, and this video, which was randomly posted in a thread somewhere, was pretty much the only thing cheering me up. I know videos of cute animals are the oldest of meme but idgaf. I actually squeed at the bunny. (Oh god my five-year-old self is rearing her pigtailed head I want a pet bunny)

I had a phone interview last Friday with someone from the Japanese consulate. I was okay, I guess. If the interviewer was noting down "inarticulate bumble" at times I really can't blame him, and I ended up repeating myself an embarrassing number of times. I'll find out by the end of the month whether I got into the program or not. I mean, there's a chance everyone else they interviewed sounded worse than me, right? ...right? (And sort of related, I got my passport in the mail! It's new and shiny and has pictures of cacti and buffalo inside!)

Will be working a bit more than expected these first two weeks of summer, since stuff's all crazy with summer classes starting and a million other things happening in the office. My boss got an iPad for the office though, which hopefully I will get to play with. I haven't gotten to use the Kindle other than ooooh-ing over it. What the point in working somewhere with a built-in reason to buy gadgets if I can't use them?

I'm also endeavoring to use to tags. We'll see how that goes.
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Spring break yay~

Finished up midterms yesterday, thus ending the Week of Writing Papers About Communists (fuck you, Stalin). The week also made me question the wisdom of taking a high level anthro class when I know jack shit about anthropology. I really like the parts of learning Chinese history but the anthro bits are kinda going over my head, so at this point I'm aiming for a good grade out of the class rather than a complete understanding of wtf is going on. And learning about the Chinese communists nicely compliments the class on the Cold War.

Also in school news, I'm pretty sure I only need four more classes to graduate. I say pretty sure because I'm far too cynical to believe I read the credit progress report 100% right, but either way graduation is within sight. I'll meet with an adviser (and hopefully one from the English department this time because the other ones were no help) to talk things out and make sure. I have to decide if I want to take the 3d level Japanese course, though, since I can take an international studies class to fulfill those credits. :/ I've been out of practice for two semesters now and I know it'll be hard to get back into the language.

I swear I'll think of something to post about other than school one of these days. Maybe I'll post a review of The Wolfman, since I saw that a few weekends ago.
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Once again, Monthy Python is being used to teach me British history. My British Lit prof showed us a clip in our first class, the "Help, help, I'm being repressed" bit (also used by a Western Civ prof a few years ago). Not a complaint though- at least I know the prof has a sense of humor, and good taste in movies.

So there's the Brit Lit class this semester as well as American Playwrights and American Lit & Society on the English front. British Lit is at the Center City campus, a night class, so it's a regular sized class rather than the huge lectures, and so far I'm liking the smaller size much better. Then Anthropology of Modern China and The Cold War: The Other Side (which is the war from the POV of the USSR and China). These two are a bit nerve racking, because it's an upper level antho course and, whoops, I don't know a thing about anthropology, and I forgot how much reading homework was needed for history classes. I really like all my professors though. The Cold War prof actually grew up in the Soviet Union during said war. I might be going on two fieldtrips to see plays, one for in Brooklyn for British Lit and one around here for the Playwrights class. And I'll be striving to keep myself disciplined when it comes to homework/time management.

I went to the Rodin Museum on Friday thinking I'd take advantage of my art museum membership, but lol, it's free. Very cool sculptures there. Some of them are creepy- if I stared at them long enough I'd be sure they were about to move and grab at me.

Going to see Peter Pan with the extended family tomorrow. Glad to be seeing cousins, not so much the aunts and uncles for whom I'll have to repeat over and over how school is going.
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The semester is half over! Which is weird, because didn't school just start like, two weeks ago? It still feels like it. But I had two papers and a midterm this past week, all successfully finished (or so I hope- haven't gotten the grades back yet). It was a good week, mostly because I recovered from the cold I had the week before. It was really bad the Friday before last, and I thought it might be the flu. Ended up leaving school early because everything was aching so badly even sitting in a desk hurt, and I was getting exhausted just walking across campus. It wasn't the flu though, and this past week I felt much better than I expected. Hopefully that filled my sickness quota for the season.

I went to a flea market this morning, and it was the most lucrative shopping trip I've had in ages. I bought three pairs of shoes (which is more than I've bought in the past year). Two pairs of flats/slip ons that I love and will probably wear everyday, and a pair of heels with pink and black ribbons all over them. They're kiiinda like stripper shoes, and I really don't know where I'd wear them, but they're fun. I guess if you're going to spend money on shoes of questionable taste the flea market is the place to do it, when you're only spending two dollars on them. I also got some books for Maureen and the baby. I was so excited to find a bunch of books I had as a kid, so I got her The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Are You My Mother, and Oh The Things You Can Think. I'm pretty sure the Peter Rabbit book is one of the foundations of my love of bunny rabbits. I still haven't seen Maureen since she had the baby and need to call to see when I can stop by.

The finance office at school is raining on my parade. Seems I will have to get a loan to manage tuition this semester. Their records kept saying I was getting some government assistance, even though I got notice weeks ago that that assistance was canceled, so I really had no idea what was going on until this week. So, boo on that. I hate dealing with financial aid stuff.

Aaand, that's all that's been interesting lately. Off to finish some stuff for school tomorrow.
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Happy Yom Kippur, everybody! My Judaism class was canceled for the holiday, though sadly not my later class, and since I'm not Jewish I can't justify staying home. And because of the cancellation I now have a three hour break between work and class. Blerg. But I wrangled me a computer here in the lab and I have a paper due Wednesday I can work on (or, y'know. I can blog).

Also I'm on a Mac right now and this is different and strange. I just googled "how to right click on a mac". This keyboard is a bitch to use, with the keys sticking and taking a lot of force to press down. None of the PC keyboards give me these problems. :P

Stayed late at work this morning since I didn't have to run off to class and finally met my coworker Paul. It's so strange working a job where I can go a month without meeting my coworkers, only interacting with them through emails and post-it notes. Work was very boring, since Dominique is out for Yom Kippur too, and calls and emails are very sparse. Ended up passing the time with a mix of homework and playing around on the internet.

Nothing interesting has been going on. Saw District 9 last week, which I loved. Need to figure out what's going on with my debit card, whether it's expired or not (it works some places and not others) and how to get a new one if it is. School goes on, though it's hard to believe it's only two weeks until midterms. The first big papers for two classes are due this week and next week. Oh, and we have a peer editing session for one of them on Wednesday, which I'm not looking forward to. I hate showing my writing to other people, and I hate having to critique my classmates' stuff. I never want to be too harsh even if they need it, or I can't find anything to comment on but feel like I should correct something. No fun, overall. Though at least it forces me to write a rough draft, which I should really get into the habit of doing rather than get frustrated trying to get it all right on the first go.

Okay then, must be going to class soon. So long.
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Hallelujah, I have a class schedule.

I went back to Temple yesterday for orientation and registration. I got lost again trying to find the right building but happily made it in time and was relieved to see that my name was on the list. The orientation part was a presentation about using Owlnet and some stuff about credits . Then we had to register ourselves online through Owlnet, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting a one-on-one thing but there were about 30 student and 6 or so advisers walking around to help.

Registering was really frustrating because most of the classes were full so I had to click every single class listing until I found something open. I still have a bunch of core credits to fulfill and none of those classes were open. But I managed to find courses that fit my major and I didn't have to resort to taking lame electives.

Here's what I have:
Japanese Elements I (I've given up on French and I was so glad get to get a spot in this class.)
American Literature
The Modern Novel
American Art
Gender in Antiquity (Didn't really want to take this, but there wasn't much else.)

It's a huge weight off my mind that I'm finally set for school. Housing's not so good- the two people I've email haven't responded and it's disheartening. There's still plenty of other people to email though. I'm prepared to commute from my mom's house until I can find a place.

And now for something completely different-pictures from Lisa's birthday. I made her a cake and she chose a cute Hello Kitty candle. I didn't tell her what kind of cake it would be so it would a surprise.

Hello, cakey. )


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