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30 Day Meme
Day 19 → A talent of yours

Eh, I guess writing counts as a talent. I'm in the middle of trying to churn out several papers for school and my writing really doesn't feel like anything to be proud of right now.

It's been a busy week at school, since all my teachers conspired to have the big assignments due around the same time, and at work now that my boss is back from Brazil and we're working on a big international student exchange project. I'm putting together most of the promotional material which means I get to do a lot with graphics, which is the more fun side of my job at least. I mentioned a while ago that my childhood cat, Stripes, had been doing badly lately and last weekend my Dad emailed to say that Stripes had died :( He was a old cat and he died quietly in his sleep, but it's still sad. We've had that cat since I was 7.

But, despite the workload and unavoidable sad things, it's October and beautiful and cool out, and I'm in a lovely fall Halloween mood. I've painted my nails orange and I'm planning all sorts of apple- or pumpkin-flavored things to cook once I'm done with school stuff.

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My last entry wasn't a very informative update, so let's try again.

There hasn't been much of anything going on this summer, which has been my biggest downer lately. I haven't actually gone anywhere because of scheduling and time and money and blarg, life, and all the potential fun stuff has been pushed back until around the start of school when I'll be thinking about other things. The planned trip the shore a few weeks ago didn't happen because of the godawful heat, and it's been damn difficult to get people together for other things. I've completely and utterly failed at using free time for things like reading and writing, though that's my own fault.

I did get to see Inception, which was awesome, and hang out with friends and cute little baby. I've been using my Art Museum membership (saw the Renoir exhibit!) but I'm such a philistine that there's only so many times I can go there and stay interested. Damn all the museums here for costing so much money >:|

So the lack of updates was just because of a lack of things happening, that's all. I think I'm too boring for Livejournal.


Aug. 5th, 2010 07:01 pm
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What a disappointing week. Things keep getting worse.

But anyway, it's been about a month since I got my tattoo redone so I guess it's time for some pictures. I don't think it's entirely healed yet; it's still shinier and sharper than I've seen in other black-ink tattoo, and since I actually want the faded, blown-out look there's still a ways to go. It'll happen eventually though.


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Once again, Monthy Python is being used to teach me British history. My British Lit prof showed us a clip in our first class, the "Help, help, I'm being repressed" bit (also used by a Western Civ prof a few years ago). Not a complaint though- at least I know the prof has a sense of humor, and good taste in movies.

So there's the Brit Lit class this semester as well as American Playwrights and American Lit & Society on the English front. British Lit is at the Center City campus, a night class, so it's a regular sized class rather than the huge lectures, and so far I'm liking the smaller size much better. Then Anthropology of Modern China and The Cold War: The Other Side (which is the war from the POV of the USSR and China). These two are a bit nerve racking, because it's an upper level antho course and, whoops, I don't know a thing about anthropology, and I forgot how much reading homework was needed for history classes. I really like all my professors though. The Cold War prof actually grew up in the Soviet Union during said war. I might be going on two fieldtrips to see plays, one for in Brooklyn for British Lit and one around here for the Playwrights class. And I'll be striving to keep myself disciplined when it comes to homework/time management.

I went to the Rodin Museum on Friday thinking I'd take advantage of my art museum membership, but lol, it's free. Very cool sculptures there. Some of them are creepy- if I stared at them long enough I'd be sure they were about to move and grab at me.

Going to see Peter Pan with the extended family tomorrow. Glad to be seeing cousins, not so much the aunts and uncles for whom I'll have to repeat over and over how school is going.
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Alright that's enough emo LJing for now. Other things:

Missed one day of school because of the SEPTA strike. I was able to get the train to campus once I figured all the schedules so it was only one day I missed. Cost me more money than I'd like, taking the train for a week, and of course once I paid $40 to have my transpass upgraded to include trains the strike ended. I'll need to find excuses to take the train this month so that upgrade actually does something. Zones confuse me. I'm never sure if I'll have to pay more to get to certain stops.

I've decided I'm going to try to make some big fancy vegetarian entree for Thanksgiving, rather than making smaller side dishes. I'll start looking for ideas and recipes soon, though I can't let myself use that activity as a schoolwork procrastination excuse.

So many issues with payroll/paychecks at work. We started a new electronic clocking in system, but for the 1st week my log-in ID wasn't working so my boss had to go in and submit my hours herself. Once I got my paycheck it was three times what it should have been- the hours were all wrong. So despite how lovely it would be to have all that extra money, I told my boss and she calling someone who's looking into something and blah blah blah it's still being resolved. NEED MY MONEY NOW. Then this week my ID finally works, but I managed to screw things up and forgot to clock and then accidentally clock out at a weird time and generally creating a big mess my boss is going to have to go in and fix.

And to make this not completely a bitch-about-my-life entry, have a webcomic.

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