Nov. 24th, 2010

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Day before Thanksgiving yay~ I ended up taking the whole day off and baked much bread and half a pie that will be finished tomorrow. I made a little pilgrim hat for the cat but he's being a party pooper and refusing to wear it.

Yesterday I had the fun experience of tripping falling on campus, and since I was wearing a skirt my knee got all scraped up, then bleeding profusely about two minutes later as I was walking to the subway to go home D: I didn't notice it and a woman had to stop me to tell me there was blood running down my leg. Had to duck in a building (with some "omg are you okay" comments from the security guards) and hang out in the bathroom for 15 minutes waiting for the bleeding to stop. And the blood had started pooling in my shoe, yuck. GOOD TIMES.

ANYWAY, back to this thing:

30 Day Meme
Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Oh boy. Well, on an immediately scale I plan/hope to finish everything I need to for my classes which would fulfill the requirements for my degree and then I would graduate in December. And then I'll have a degree! And since grad school won't be happening anytime soon, I'll be done with college! So the rest of my plans and hopes are pretty much to get a job and figure out how to do this whole post-grad adult life thing. Yikes. I'll be able to keep my current student job for another semester after I graduate, so that's good. I've already applied for one job. It would give some aim to my life for the next year or so my big hope is to get that, but the chances of me getting this job are so slim that asfjsdflj, I don't even want to talk about it. I'd love to move, both into my own place and maybe away from this area. There's other generic stuff that I always talk about wanting to get done. Write more, go to the gym more, be less reclusive. Um. I don't know. Resolve that whole "aimless life" thing, in general. Yeah.


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