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The main character of the book I'm reading now is a baker who keeps mentioning her cinnamon rolls, and after 200 page of this I succumbed to the power of suggestion and made cinnamon rolls. I messed up a little with the yeast so they didn't rise as much as I'd hoped. They're closer to bite-sized than the big puffy rolls I was going for. But they taste good.

And they were well-timed treats, because we've had miserable weather the past few days. Yesterday was a constant switch between rain and snow that turned into a mess of slush, then overnight we got about a foot of heavy, wet snow. Thank goodness it's my day off work (because the school didn't close, even today), but there's still shoveling to do at home. There were several backups on our narrow little street when cars got stuck on the ice. Snow is pretty and all, and exciting, but I've hit that point where dealing with winter weather is dragging me down.

I'm still working on campus, and being there not as a student is a little strange. Thinking about stuff like finding classrooms and buying textbooks makes me happy not to be doing that anymore :) I've started the venture of shopping for appropriate job interview clothes, which as been less fun. I even need to get new stuff like a new purse and shoes (my current purse is so battered it's not doing me any favors, and I'm realizing I don't have any black heels).

Ah well. For now I'll go eat my cinnamon rolls and keep my toes warm.
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Yesterday's cure for boredom was to cook, specifically things I'd never tried making before. And I took pictures because...idk, everyone needs to see the shit I make, or something.

Another food post. )
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It was the day of strange weather today. First the high humidity and 95 degree morning, then thunderstorm, then hail for an intense five minutes. I didn't get any pictures because it all melted within a few minutes, but the biggest chunks of hail were about 2 inches across. No damage, except to the plants out front. The big potted lily snapped right in half :( I feel for the people who were driving when the storm hit; you couldn't see a thing and the hail was coming down hard.

I got to upload some pictures, so look what Julia made me! )
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I did a lot of cooking this weekend, and since I remembered to document it with pictures this time I though I'd share some recipes.

First up was No-Knead Bread


More about it under here. )

Then something cold, since it's humid as hell here: Cantaloupe Sorbet with Honey and Cilantro


Recipe )


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