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See, without something like a meme to remind me to post I forget altogether. :( I do have actual stuff to post about that I'll get to shortly.

For now, here's a video of a guy climbing a radio tower that scared the crap out of me. I'm not really scared of heights but, damn. I have my limits.

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A late Happy Thanksgiving to all. One of the recipes I tried turned out fantastic, while the other failed about halfway through and left me scrambling for a plan B. Dinner at my grandparents' was great though.

And now 'tis officially Christmas season (even if the Christmas music has been playing in stores since Halloween), but no one has their Christmas lists ready yet so I won't be shopping for a while. The forced listening to retail store Christmas music is delayed a little longer, for me at least.

Despite the unsavory language, I love Fairy Tale of New York. And just a warning, the video includes a reenactment of domestic abuse, so if you're sensitive to that I'd skip it.
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30 Day Meme
Day 23 → A YouTube video

Leave it to a Star Wars parody to get me listening to a Kesha song over and over.

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I can't stop watching this video. I'm not sure why, since the song's nothing special and I only find, like, one of the guys in it attractive, but idk. I think it's the bright colors and the inexplicable lack of clothing. And the sense of humor about it all :D (At least I think it's supposed to be lulzy...they can't be serious in this, right?)

Probably NSFW by the way, for bare ass and explicit ice cream.

Annnnd, since I'm a terrible bandwagon jumper... )
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Still haven't heard any word about getting into that capstone, despite calling the prof's office and refreshing my email every five minutes. But, another prof put the syllabus and all our reading material is articles online, so no books to buy!

I'm distracting myself with the internet. Here's a video of a crab hanging out with an octopus who lives in a rice cooker under the sea.

My favorite part is when the robot arm puts the lid back on, like "Oh, pardon me, ma'am."
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Was introduced to typography video on [ profile] ontdcreepy. It's essentially just a new way of quoting your favorite movie lines at the world, but who am I to argue against that. They're cool. And there's a ton of them!

This one from Pulp Fiction is one my favs so far.
(NSFW for language)

A few more )

Been watching these to try to keep myself from checking my email every fives minutes. I'm supposed to hear back from that program that might send me to Japan this week. Nervous about whether I got in or not :(
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One more final to email in tomorrow and this semester and I are fucking done, professionally.

Last two weeks were the stress weeks from hell, and this video, which was randomly posted in a thread somewhere, was pretty much the only thing cheering me up. I know videos of cute animals are the oldest of meme but idgaf. I actually squeed at the bunny. (Oh god my five-year-old self is rearing her pigtailed head I want a pet bunny)

I had a phone interview last Friday with someone from the Japanese consulate. I was okay, I guess. If the interviewer was noting down "inarticulate bumble" at times I really can't blame him, and I ended up repeating myself an embarrassing number of times. I'll find out by the end of the month whether I got into the program or not. I mean, there's a chance everyone else they interviewed sounded worse than me, right? ...right? (And sort of related, I got my passport in the mail! It's new and shiny and has pictures of cacti and buffalo inside!)

Will be working a bit more than expected these first two weeks of summer, since stuff's all crazy with summer classes starting and a million other things happening in the office. My boss got an iPad for the office though, which hopefully I will get to play with. I haven't gotten to use the Kindle other than ooooh-ing over it. What the point in working somewhere with a built-in reason to buy gadgets if I can't use them?

I'm also endeavoring to use to tags. We'll see how that goes.


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