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House-sitting at my dad's new place until Wednesday, and it's so quiet and niiiiice here. I was going to spend today walking around the neighborhood to see what around but after a long day yesterday and a long week ahead it was just too nice to laze around all by myself.

And about my long day yesterday! I took the train down to Washington DC for the day, which is something I'd been wanting to do for a while just to see the city and be touristy. And I got to spend most the visit with [ profile] sandoz_iscariot! We got to do a lot, though I didn't take many pictures and many of the ones I did take didn't turn out well. I'll share what I've got.

Well first of all there was a little timing fail on my part in that there was a Glenn Beck rally going on that day. There were some teabaggers on the train with me, extolling the virtues of Sarah Palin (thankfully not for the whole ride), and sandoz had issues getting to the metro because it was so packed, but we weren't near the Lincoln Memorial rally site and didn't encounter them that much. Based on the t-shirts I saw their rainson d'etre of the day was "honor" - reclaiming or restoring the nation's honor. Which, now that think of it, makes me think of Zuko from A:TLA more than American patriotism. So, lol teabaggers, lol.

Anyway, onto the good parts.


The above building is one the Smithsonian's buildings. We didn't actually go to this particular one (I just thought it was pretty); we went to the Natural History Museum. It was very large and very crowded, but for exhibits we visited the oceans, dinosaurs, mammals, gemstones, and birds.

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One more final to email in tomorrow and this semester and I are fucking done, professionally.

Last two weeks were the stress weeks from hell, and this video, which was randomly posted in a thread somewhere, was pretty much the only thing cheering me up. I know videos of cute animals are the oldest of meme but idgaf. I actually squeed at the bunny. (Oh god my five-year-old self is rearing her pigtailed head I want a pet bunny)

I had a phone interview last Friday with someone from the Japanese consulate. I was okay, I guess. If the interviewer was noting down "inarticulate bumble" at times I really can't blame him, and I ended up repeating myself an embarrassing number of times. I'll find out by the end of the month whether I got into the program or not. I mean, there's a chance everyone else they interviewed sounded worse than me, right? ...right? (And sort of related, I got my passport in the mail! It's new and shiny and has pictures of cacti and buffalo inside!)

Will be working a bit more than expected these first two weeks of summer, since stuff's all crazy with summer classes starting and a million other things happening in the office. My boss got an iPad for the office though, which hopefully I will get to play with. I haven't gotten to use the Kindle other than ooooh-ing over it. What the point in working somewhere with a built-in reason to buy gadgets if I can't use them?

I'm also endeavoring to use to tags. We'll see how that goes.
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This week has been a bunch of good things/bad things and a serious case of "appreciate the little things or go crazy."

Bad thing: On Monday there were anti-abortion demonstrations on campus, set up right at the belltower. They had the dead fetus pictures (and they were GIANT pictures, 10 ft boards all around the base of the belltower), but them they had to go into Ridiculous and Offensive territory by comparing abortion to genocide. They actually had photos of Holocaust victims and claimed there was no difference between that and abortion. >:( They came pretty fucking close to explicitly comparing pro-choicers to Hitler. I was rage-tastic all day. And I don't care how petty it is, I was glad it rained on their demonstration.

Good thing: They were back on Tuesday, but at least moved to a courtyard I could avoid. By all the entrances to the courtyard there were students with pro-choice sign and pamphlets. :) There were also people in class just as pissed off as I was about them, and not just about the gigantic abortion pictures but about the whole ridiculous genocide comparison. Warmed my heart. Also, unrelated to the abortion thing, but at the belltower there were free HIV screen and free condom, which also made me happy.

Bad thing: I stupidly tried to downloads a PDF of a book and my laptop got hit with a bunch of malware. It's a bunch of fake antivirus stuff that bombarded me with popups saying my computer is infected (no shit, but they listed a bunch of fake infections) and kept asking me to buy their "product".

Good thing: After some googling and some virus scans I got enough of the nasty stuff off so that my laptop is functional, which is good enough at least until finals are over.

Bad thing: DEAR GOD THE POST OFFICE. Getting my passport application in has taken way to long. The first post office I went to didn't process passports. The second did but you needed an appointment, plus the only hours available were during school hours. Ugh. I was carrying the papers and my birth certificate around with me all week; just ripe for identity theft!

Good thing: Finally got to a place that could process the papers for me, and it went very smoothly. The woman who did it was really nice, and well, I'm finally getting a passport! I the application for the Japan program off to the Japanese Consulate and now I'm just waiting to hear back :D
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-Gah, I've got half a dozen papers to work on and I keep getting sucked into the timesink that is [ profile] ontdcreepy, then losing sleep stressing over papers and thinking shadow monsters are going to eat me. I'm pretty masochistic when it comes to devouring scary stories that I know are going to fuck with my brain. And with procrastinating on papers, thought that's nothing new.

-I'm in the process of doing my damnedest to get a passport asap, which is proving difficult because of time and money. My dad sent me info on this program with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that's sending Japanese American students to Japan this summer, and if I apply I think I have a good chance of being accepted (my sob story about not getting to live in Tokyo last year might do me some good). But I need the passport first, and the application deadline approaches. Why must they be so expensive :(

-I made a post about my fail!tattoo in [ profile] bodymods. Responses were uniformly D: but sympathetic. A bunch of people suggested an ink allergy as the cause of the problems, which I hadn't considered before and didn't think to ask about at the shop. I have brown ink (and other colors) on my other tattoo that healed fine, but it might have been a different brand of ink. It's something I'll have to ask about when I go back in a few weeks. If it means just picking a different shade of brown (which would hopefully have a different chemical makeup) to avoid this again that would be great.

BTW, what's left of the tattoo has healed up as little rings of brown on my arm. They look like tentacle marks. Which is not what I wanted, but at least I can tell anyone who asks that I was attacked by a tiny octopus.


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