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A message popped up on my laptop this morning that the battery is nearing the end of its little battery life and will soon be laid to rest. So, I'm on the hunt for a replacement battery- on Amazon, since I'm definitely not paying the $135 Dell wants for a replacement- and a few other techie things I've been meaning to get. Tomorrow I'm going to finally buy an external hard drive to back up all my files. Especially important, a back-up, since I have a bunch of PC games on here that I've paid good money for, and if I'm going to transfer them to a new computer when this one finally goes I'll need those files safe somewhere.

And looking at tablet netbooks and sighing wistfully, too. Ideally I'd have a nice, portable netbook for word processing, internet, music, and a desktop for gaming. I formatted this laptop specifically for games, but they eat up disk space like crazy and there's just not enough to go around. And it can't handle certain games (the Dragon Age II demo crashed three times). But alas, I can't do the netbook/desktop setup yet, so I'll do what I can to help my laptop along.
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This week has been a bunch of good things/bad things and a serious case of "appreciate the little things or go crazy."

Bad thing: On Monday there were anti-abortion demonstrations on campus, set up right at the belltower. They had the dead fetus pictures (and they were GIANT pictures, 10 ft boards all around the base of the belltower), but them they had to go into Ridiculous and Offensive territory by comparing abortion to genocide. They actually had photos of Holocaust victims and claimed there was no difference between that and abortion. >:( They came pretty fucking close to explicitly comparing pro-choicers to Hitler. I was rage-tastic all day. And I don't care how petty it is, I was glad it rained on their demonstration.

Good thing: They were back on Tuesday, but at least moved to a courtyard I could avoid. By all the entrances to the courtyard there were students with pro-choice sign and pamphlets. :) There were also people in class just as pissed off as I was about them, and not just about the gigantic abortion pictures but about the whole ridiculous genocide comparison. Warmed my heart. Also, unrelated to the abortion thing, but at the belltower there were free HIV screen and free condom, which also made me happy.

Bad thing: I stupidly tried to downloads a PDF of a book and my laptop got hit with a bunch of malware. It's a bunch of fake antivirus stuff that bombarded me with popups saying my computer is infected (no shit, but they listed a bunch of fake infections) and kept asking me to buy their "product".

Good thing: After some googling and some virus scans I got enough of the nasty stuff off so that my laptop is functional, which is good enough at least until finals are over.

Bad thing: DEAR GOD THE POST OFFICE. Getting my passport application in has taken way to long. The first post office I went to didn't process passports. The second did but you needed an appointment, plus the only hours available were during school hours. Ugh. I was carrying the papers and my birth certificate around with me all week; just ripe for identity theft!

Good thing: Finally got to a place that could process the papers for me, and it went very smoothly. The woman who did it was really nice, and well, I'm finally getting a passport! I the application for the Japan program off to the Japanese Consulate and now I'm just waiting to hear back :D
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Oh my wonderful laptop, so good to have you back and working. No longer will I have to check my internet business with people looking over my shoulder or while dodging my boss at work. *clings*

Back to Dragon Age, then.


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