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This past weekend was the start of a fleamarket at the nearby high school that runs over the spring & summer (I've posted about it before). My mom had a table to sell our old junk and my sister and I helped her out. Selling is not as fun as buying at these things. I'm no good at bargaining or pricing things to sell. It was cute to see the little kids who bought our old toys having fun with them- one little boy bought our scooter and was riding it around the parking lot the rest of the morning. My sister made a dent in getting rid of her old collection of horse toys. And I got sunburn. :(

But I bought things too! A really pretty metal owl:

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Ever since [ profile] wednesday42 posted pictures of her visit to her local junk sculpture garden I've been jonesing to go to the one around here, and I finally got to yesterday! It's called the Magic Garden, a beautiful place that consists of a city rowhome and a small lot/courtyard next to it. I'd walked past it before and saw the mosaics on the wall and part of the courtyard and thought that was all, but it turns out there's much more. I was the only one there when I visited and had plenty of time and space to wander and take photos.

I took a lot of photos so I'll post some here and the rest are here in a scrapbook gallery, with a few comments beneath the pictures. And those photos aren't resized if you want to see them really big. Feel free to leave comments or questions about those ones here!

Onward to the Magic Garden. )
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30 Day Meme
Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy

I don't wear a lot of makeup, and I'm not gutsy enough to pull off bold statement-making makeup, but I'm completely in love with these paper false eyelashes.


Plus I'd have nowhere to wear them, and they're probably way expensive. I can stare at pictures and sigh for now. In other neat makeup news, MAC is coming out with a Wonder Woman-themed makeup line next year, which is cool because with Wonder Woman makeup I'll be able fly like her, right? ...right? Fine, maybe not, but the line's going to have blush, eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick. I'm no good with eyeshadow and lipstick, but blush and nail polish I can handle. Also Justin Beiber is getting his own line of nail polish, but I don't want any Beiber on this journal so I'll just LOL and leave it at that.


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