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30 Day Meme
Day 27 → This month, in great detail

There's not much of this month to talk about, but it doesn't really matter because that post where I talk about my week? It would be that, minus the interesting stuff, x4. Classes, work, homework- the only differences would be the specific things we're studying. Stuff of note so far: The wedding reception, which I already talked about. Voting on the 2d. My polling place is in a hunting/fishing store, polling booths nestled between the stuffed mountain lion and the mounted deer heads. I stayed up to follow election results that night but went to bed once it was announced that I now live in a Republican state :( Pennsylvania, I am disappoint. Yesterday I had lunch with [ profile] the_duckay and we saw someone dressed as a rat in clothes and a crown walking around. I think it was the Rat King from The Nutcracker, since we were near a theater where that's performed.

Predictions for the rest of the month: Certainly busy with school coming to an end. I have two long papers due the first week of December (on the same day asdfdjskl), so lots of researchin' and writin'. I still haven't thought of a topic for the 19th C. American Lit class, though it'll probably be on "Herland" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. We're reading Art Speigelman's Maus in Contemporary Lit and I wish I could write on that because I'd love to do something academic on a graphic novel, but our topics are due before we even start reading it. Boo. But I think I've got a good idea for Autobiography of my Mother by Jamaica Kincaid.

Don't really have anything planned for non-school stuff. Thanksgiving will happen and I suppose I'll be visiting family. I'll probably cook a bunch of stuff for that. Complaints about it getting dark earlier and earlier will likely increase. I was in a super Christmas-y mood earlier this week so I might start planning Christmas shopping XD (I usually don't think about that until school's out in December, at the earliest.) Oh, I plan to buy the Scott Pilgrim movie after work today so I'll watch that a few times, I guess.

Wow, I'm boring.
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My last entry wasn't a very informative update, so let's try again.

There hasn't been much of anything going on this summer, which has been my biggest downer lately. I haven't actually gone anywhere because of scheduling and time and money and blarg, life, and all the potential fun stuff has been pushed back until around the start of school when I'll be thinking about other things. The planned trip the shore a few weeks ago didn't happen because of the godawful heat, and it's been damn difficult to get people together for other things. I've completely and utterly failed at using free time for things like reading and writing, though that's my own fault.

I did get to see Inception, which was awesome, and hang out with friends and cute little baby. I've been using my Art Museum membership (saw the Renoir exhibit!) but I'm such a philistine that there's only so many times I can go there and stay interested. Damn all the museums here for costing so much money >:|

So the lack of updates was just because of a lack of things happening, that's all. I think I'm too boring for Livejournal.


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