Dec. 13th, 2010 09:14 pm
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I just got home from my last day of school! As in, my last day of undergrad! Which could mean my last day of school ever ahhhhhh! I'll probably have my oh god what am I gonna do now crisis later, but for now I'm free! And I just realized that now I can actually read my own books instead of speed reading through dozens of assigned books. And enough of this serious literature stuff, I've got a sci fi adventure novel ready to go.

Oh and my boss bought me (and the rest of the girls in the office) Victoria's Secret perfume for Christmas. Last year she got us all flash drives so, uh, that's quite a shift. Smells awesome though.

Right now I can't decide if I want to sleep forever or play video games forever. Tomorrow I'll bake tasty things!
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30 Day Meme
Day 09 → A photo you took


This is the outside of my school's library. At work we use photos of the campus in our graphics/promotional stuff and my boss thought we needed some new images, so I went around with my camera today and got pictures of buildings and flags and statues.
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Boring life events ahead, but damn it's been a good few days.

-First of all, waaahhh, good news at school. Back in March I had my AP scores from high school sent to Temple (after an adviser mentioned they don't have them and I could be getting credit for them). I'm hoping that the upcoming fall semester will be my last, but I'd have to take 18 credits to finish my degree, and knowing how badly things go when I get overwhelmed with schoolwork that would not be a good situation for me. If I could get credit for the AP scores it would mean fewer classes and an increased chance that I'll actually graduate.

So apparently Temple got the scores but no one reviewed them to see if they could count for credit, leaving them floundering in the system for three months and leaving me freaking out. I started complaining to people this week. Three offices later it was resolved, and I got nine credits! So only four classes next semester, which is so much of a relief I can barely stand it. And graduation is in sight, ahhhh!

-My dad and I are both searching for new phones and we were browsing at the T-Mobile store yesterday. While a saleswoman was calculating some costs for him we started talking about how his old cell phone looks like the old Star Trek communicators, and the saleswoman joined in. When it was time to pay she didn't charge him for the stuff he needed. We think it was the Trek talk that did it :)

-My dad loved the graphic novels I got him for his birthday. He was actually looking at the same Clive Barker one online but decided against it because of price. It's sheer luck that I picked it up at the con, since it was the only thing by Barker I saw, and a happy coincidence that I did.

-I went to the art museum today, and the American collection has "Rachel Crying" by C.W. Peale - a painting of a woman crying over the body of a (very obviously) dead child. The description plaque said that when it was originally shown it was kept behind a curtain, with the warning "Before you draw the curtain, consider whether you may afflict a Mother or Father who has lost a child." And I had to suppress some giggles when I realized it was the 1772 version of an LJ cut and a trigger warning. Nothing new under the sun, even for you, internet.


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