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Saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, and I have some thoughts!

First of all I went with my mom and since this graphic's been circulating recently it came to mind:

Because I was 14 or 15 when I saw my first HP movie in theaters with my mom and sisters, and now I'm seeing the last one with her at 23 (and I'll be 24 when the 2d part come out!). Also, seeing all the little kids in the theater it struck me that the whole Harry Potter series started before these kids were born. I felt old. :(

Onward to the movie though.

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House-sitting at my dad's new place until Wednesday, and it's so quiet and niiiiice here. I was going to spend today walking around the neighborhood to see what around but after a long day yesterday and a long week ahead it was just too nice to laze around all by myself.

And about my long day yesterday! I took the train down to Washington DC for the day, which is something I'd been wanting to do for a while just to see the city and be touristy. And I got to spend most the visit with [ profile] sandoz_iscariot! We got to do a lot, though I didn't take many pictures and many of the ones I did take didn't turn out well. I'll share what I've got.

Well first of all there was a little timing fail on my part in that there was a Glenn Beck rally going on that day. There were some teabaggers on the train with me, extolling the virtues of Sarah Palin (thankfully not for the whole ride), and sandoz had issues getting to the metro because it was so packed, but we weren't near the Lincoln Memorial rally site and didn't encounter them that much. Based on the t-shirts I saw their rainson d'etre of the day was "honor" - reclaiming or restoring the nation's honor. Which, now that think of it, makes me think of Zuko from A:TLA more than American patriotism. So, lol teabaggers, lol.

Anyway, onto the good parts.


The above building is one the Smithsonian's buildings. We didn't actually go to this particular one (I just thought it was pretty); we went to the Natural History Museum. It was very large and very crowded, but for exhibits we visited the oceans, dinosaurs, mammals, gemstones, and birds.

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