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Saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, and I have some thoughts!

First of all I went with my mom and since this graphic's been circulating recently it came to mind:

Because I was 14 or 15 when I saw my first HP movie in theaters with my mom and sisters, and now I'm seeing the last one with her at 23 (and I'll be 24 when the 2d part come out!). Also, seeing all the little kids in the theater it struck me that the whole Harry Potter series started before these kids were born. I felt old. :(

Onward to the movie though.

Spoilers for the movie )
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30 Day Meme
Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I loooved An American Tail as a kid, and this was the song that had me singing my little 6-year-old heart out. I guess it's just nostalgia that has me tearing up over it now. It's not like I have any missing siblings or anything (or missing mice, for that matter). Listening to it now I really like that it actually sounds like little kids singing it.

The city doubled up Free Museum Day with get-into-museums-free-with-college-ID day so I ended up going to both the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Franklin Institute this weekend. Both were terribly crowded and required lots of stroller-dodging. I'm too big now to go through the giant heart, but I got to go to a show at the planetarium, which was fascinating as it was dizzying. They were setting up for a wedding at the Franklin Institute as I was leaving, and how cool it is to get married in a science museum? And them to have your reception around a gigantic statue of Ben Franklin! I never even got to go to one of those Girl Scout sleepovers in the museum.
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30 Day Meme
Day 02 → Your favourite movie

This is a hard one, because I'm very casual about movies and don't really think about them enough to develop favorites. V for Vendetta blew me away when I saw it in theaters, though, and it's one I find myself rewatching all the time. And hey, I love Natalie Portman and I love Hugo Weaving. I have read the comic (after seeing the movie) and I love them both, but as different entities. One of the things that drew me to Watchmen before I really knew what it was was the fact that it came from the same source as V for Vendetta.


In other news, I'm reading John Winthrop's "A Modell of Christian Charity" for school, and it includes this section about the Biblical figures Jonathan and David:

"Jonathan a valiant man endued with the spirit of love, so soon as he discovered the same spirit in David had presently his heart knit to him by this ligament of love; so that it is said he loved him as his own soul, he takes so great pleasure in him, that he strips himself to adorn his beloved. His father's kingdom was not so precious to him as his beloved David, David shall have it with all his heart. Himself desires no more but that he may be near to him to rejoice in his good. He chooseth to converse with him in the wilderness even to the hazard of his own life, rather than with the great Courtiers in his father's Palace. When he sees danger towards him, he spares neither rare pains nor peril to direct it. When injury was offered his beloved David, he would not bear it, though from his own father. And when they must part for a season only, they thought their hearts would have broke for sorrow, had not their affections found vent by abundance of tears."

So...he ships this, right? Way to sneak Bible slashfic into your sermons, Winthrop.
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Was introduced to typography video on [ profile] ontdcreepy. It's essentially just a new way of quoting your favorite movie lines at the world, but who am I to argue against that. They're cool. And there's a ton of them!

This one from Pulp Fiction is one my favs so far.
(NSFW for language)

A few more )

Been watching these to try to keep myself from checking my email every fives minutes. I'm supposed to hear back from that program that might send me to Japan this week. Nervous about whether I got in or not :(
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It's 2010! Time for a post.

The semester ended with the usual amounts of stress and sleep lost over procrastinated papers, but I survived and my grades are better than expected. Better than last semester, which is a huge relief. I've got classes for the coming semester, but I still have to put down some tuition (or, y'know, wait for the financial aid to kick in) before I'm technically registered for them. I'll post about them once it's settled since I feel like I'm jinxing it otherwise.

Christmas was lovely, New Year's Eve was boring but well stocked with alcohol, New Year's Day was spent in hungover misery. My dad and his girlfriend got me a membership to the Philadelphia Art Museum! And here I was just going to use my dad's girlfriend's name to get in and hope they didn't check IDs. One disappointment is that I didn't get any cash to finance the tattoo I want, and I can't really justify spending what little money I have on it otherwise. For my birthday then, maybe.

I have a Christmas disaster story! It's not really disastrous, but certainly depressing, and things were broken. Lisa made a gingerbread house; baked all the gingerbread herself and cut out the shapes and did all the decorating, and it was going to her present to our Dad. Walking from the car to Dad's apartment Julia was carrying the house on the tray, and gods of Christmas decided that that house would not make it. Julia slipped on ice, landed on the house, and broke it into a sad pile of little gingerbread shards. Our Dad never even got to see it, and we didn't take pictures. The picture of the gingerbread house I posted earlier was the 2d one we made. Turns out my dad baked a house too there was going to be some decorating after dinner, but we ended up just taking the house home and decorating it the next day. So one house was smushed and a second one turned out bright and colorful, and they all taste the same in the end.

I saw Sherlock Holmes, which was AWESOME and Holmes and Watson were so adorable together I couldn't stop grinning for hours afterwards. I almost started explaining the concept of slash to my mom on the drive home, but she didn't seem interested when I started talking about how H & W were cute together, so I didn't go any further. But it was a lovely movie, and I really appreciated all the Tesla-esque streampunk elements, and of course RDJ is just damn fine to look at. I think I have a think for Victorian menswear, because damn everyone looked hot in those clothes. That needs to come back in style.

In unrelated news, John Frusciante has left the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which makes me cry sad, sad, tears. But! Soundgarden is getting back together, I guess the universe evens out, musically at least. I'll still be fangirling over John's solo albums. Maybe over the Peppers still, depending on what happens with the new guitarist.

Work starts up again this week (and, uh, might be where I am right now. It's boring here today.) The days off are nicer, though, when I'm actually doing something with the rest of my time.


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