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This past weekend was the start of a fleamarket at the nearby high school that runs over the spring & summer (I've posted about it before). My mom had a table to sell our old junk and my sister and I helped her out. Selling is not as fun as buying at these things. I'm no good at bargaining or pricing things to sell. It was cute to see the little kids who bought our old toys having fun with them- one little boy bought our scooter and was riding it around the parking lot the rest of the morning. My sister made a dent in getting rid of her old collection of horse toys. And I got sunburn. :(

But I bought things too! A really pretty metal owl:

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30 Day Meme
Day 19 → A talent of yours

Eh, I guess writing counts as a talent. I'm in the middle of trying to churn out several papers for school and my writing really doesn't feel like anything to be proud of right now.

It's been a busy week at school, since all my teachers conspired to have the big assignments due around the same time, and at work now that my boss is back from Brazil and we're working on a big international student exchange project. I'm putting together most of the promotional material which means I get to do a lot with graphics, which is the more fun side of my job at least. I mentioned a while ago that my childhood cat, Stripes, had been doing badly lately and last weekend my Dad emailed to say that Stripes had died :( He was a old cat and he died quietly in his sleep, but it's still sad. We've had that cat since I was 7.

But, despite the workload and unavoidable sad things, it's October and beautiful and cool out, and I'm in a lovely fall Halloween mood. I've painted my nails orange and I'm planning all sorts of apple- or pumpkin-flavored things to cook once I'm done with school stuff.

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Meow meow

Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:09 am
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Went to Dad's yesterday for father's day. It was nice seeing him and my sisters, and I got to play his Wii. I cooked all sorts of things as a father's day gift and was ridiculously pleased that everything came out tasty (and that I didn't chop off any fingers in process!).

But I also saw Stripes, my poor old kitty. Dad mentioned a few weeks back that the vet found a tumor under his tongue that was restricting use of his tongue, and he can't eat or groom properly because of it. Dad and Marie-Claire have been hand feeding him wet food and brushing him, but he's gotten so skinny :( He's been stress-chewing the fur off his legs, too. He's gotta be about 15 years old now, and he's still purring and walking around and sitting with people but his age is showing. I'll be cat-sitting two weekends from now so I'll get to spend time with my buddy Stripes.

The other cat, Raja, has no problem eating. He's as big as a house and its a goddamned weight lifting exercise to pick him up. Dad said he's been mean to Stripes, the little brat.

I also reclaimed about two dozen books I'd left at Dad's over the years. Now my room is in an uproar trying to clear off the bookcase to find room for all of them. I have these old textbooks that are out of date and going for a whopping $.75 on ebay. I don't know if used bookstores'll even take them. But with everything a mess I can't find my camera USB; I wanted to post a pic of the late birthday present my sister made me. But later, then.

Also I finally beat The New Super Mario Brothers. \o/ I feel accomplished.
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If any of the local friends know of someone who can take in a cat, let me know. It's a two year old female, spayed and with all her shots, declawed on her front paws. Her name's Diamond.

It's the cat that Lisa's friend gave to us about a month ago, but things are going terribly introducing her to Blackie. He's violent every time he catches sight of her, and she's been living in a bedroom with food a litter box since she got here. She won't even leave the room on her own now. It doesn't look like they're going to get along, and she pretty much terrified here. All the shelters we've called are full and have encouraged us to find someone to take her on our own.

I feel really bad about this poor kitty being shunted from place to place. We took in her because the other family couldn't keep her, and now we can't either. :(


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