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There's a lunar eclipse happening this Tuesday, fully visible from North America! I hope to stay up to see it, but we'll see if I can make it to the wee hours of the morning.

The Christmas spirit is strong around here. The tree is up and decorated, and we even had a nice pretty coat of snow the day we got the tree. I made biscotti to give out and it turned out great, which I'm very happy about 'cause it's only the second time I've made it. There's still some gifts to buy but at least I mostly know what I'm looking for, so it's just a matter of going out and finding it.

However, I could use some advice from my coffee-drinking friends! I want to get my mom some nice coffee for Christmas, something of a nicer quality than she usually buys, but I don't drink coffee so I'm not sure what's good. She usually drinks Folgers. Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Something else? Preferably something I can get in a store or coffee shop rather than ordering online. I'll either get her a bag or maybe a sampler of a few flavored coffees. Any input would be very helpful!


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:48 pm
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Does anyone who's more comic-savvy than I know of an comics/graphic novels that have to do with either Arthurian romance, Shakespeare's The Tempest, or Milton's Paradise Lost?

It's for a school project- find some part of pop culture that can be considered a modern interpretation of the aforementioned stories and do some project on them (so far I think I just have to prove the connection between the source material and the modern material). It can also be a movie, song, etc (so other suggestions are welcome) but I'd rather go the comics route. I don't know which topic I'll be assigned yet, but those were my first three choices.
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If any of the local friends know of someone who can take in a cat, let me know. It's a two year old female, spayed and with all her shots, declawed on her front paws. Her name's Diamond.

It's the cat that Lisa's friend gave to us about a month ago, but things are going terribly introducing her to Blackie. He's violent every time he catches sight of her, and she's been living in a bedroom with food a litter box since she got here. She won't even leave the room on her own now. It doesn't look like they're going to get along, and she pretty much terrified here. All the shelters we've called are full and have encouraged us to find someone to take her on our own.

I feel really bad about this poor kitty being shunted from place to place. We took in her because the other family couldn't keep her, and now we can't either. :(


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