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30 Day Meme
Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

My initial thought was to get very serious business about this and find an image that has to do with rape statistics or gender inequality, since those are certainly things that make me sad/angry/want to quit life. But they're not really things you can sum up in a photo and I realized I was putting too much effort into finding pics of things that'll just depress me. So I went the animal route again.

(And yeah, it's two pictures, but they're from the same story.)

Dead animal behind the cut. Nothing gory or too graphic, but sad )

And if you want really scary/sad/angering, here's an interview about pelvic exams performed by med students on unconscious women without their consent.
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Got an email and a phone call this morning from an adviser telling me that my capstone course was canceled. The big thesis-paper course that I need to graduate. A week before classes start. I've gone through panic mode and now I'm waiting to hear back from a professor I emailed about getting into another, filled course. Worst case scenario, I end up with a topic I'm not interested in and an inconvenient schedule.

It could ultimately be a good thing. I signed up for the course I did (Post-Colonial Studies, wtf I know nothing about that) because my first choice was full and this gives me a legit reason to beg to be let into the full course. I just wish it wasn't happening this late.

*refreshes email*


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