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Healing the tattoo is going so so badly. It's been gross for days now, with heavy scabbing that made the dots look like cigarette burns, but now that the scabs are coming off the color is coming off too. Of the 18 dots, 7 of them actually have brown color, and the rest, just. Nothing. Just red, swollen circles with no color at all, like you'd see with a plain old healing scab. I'm not even going to post a picture because first of all it's creepy looking, a cluster of pock marks on my arm, and ugh, there's just nothing to show off. No tattoos. I'm probably going to end up with a bunch of scars.

I'll go back to the shop on Friday to ask about why this happened and what can be done. But I'm pessimistic and I'm expecting a fight. I'm afraid they'll say I did something wrong in healing it so it's my own fault and there's nothing to do about it, tough luck, enjoy your scars. Even if the tattoos can be redone (which wouldn't be for a while anyway I guess since the marks would have to heal first, and even then can they do it over the healed skin?) I don't know the etiquette of getting retouches/corrections. Will they charge me for a retouch, because I can't afford to pay the full price again. I don't know. I could seriously cry over this. I was so excited about this tattoo and now it's gone :(
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Alright that's enough emo LJing for now. Other things:

Missed one day of school because of the SEPTA strike. I was able to get the train to campus once I figured all the schedules so it was only one day I missed. Cost me more money than I'd like, taking the train for a week, and of course once I paid $40 to have my transpass upgraded to include trains the strike ended. I'll need to find excuses to take the train this month so that upgrade actually does something. Zones confuse me. I'm never sure if I'll have to pay more to get to certain stops.

I've decided I'm going to try to make some big fancy vegetarian entree for Thanksgiving, rather than making smaller side dishes. I'll start looking for ideas and recipes soon, though I can't let myself use that activity as a schoolwork procrastination excuse.

So many issues with payroll/paychecks at work. We started a new electronic clocking in system, but for the 1st week my log-in ID wasn't working so my boss had to go in and submit my hours herself. Once I got my paycheck it was three times what it should have been- the hours were all wrong. So despite how lovely it would be to have all that extra money, I told my boss and she calling someone who's looking into something and blah blah blah it's still being resolved. NEED MY MONEY NOW. Then this week my ID finally works, but I managed to screw things up and forgot to clock and then accidentally clock out at a weird time and generally creating a big mess my boss is going to have to go in and fix.

And to make this not completely a bitch-about-my-life entry, have a webcomic.

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