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This week has been a bunch of good things/bad things and a serious case of "appreciate the little things or go crazy."

Bad thing: On Monday there were anti-abortion demonstrations on campus, set up right at the belltower. They had the dead fetus pictures (and they were GIANT pictures, 10 ft boards all around the base of the belltower), but them they had to go into Ridiculous and Offensive territory by comparing abortion to genocide. They actually had photos of Holocaust victims and claimed there was no difference between that and abortion. >:( They came pretty fucking close to explicitly comparing pro-choicers to Hitler. I was rage-tastic all day. And I don't care how petty it is, I was glad it rained on their demonstration.

Good thing: They were back on Tuesday, but at least moved to a courtyard I could avoid. By all the entrances to the courtyard there were students with pro-choice sign and pamphlets. :) There were also people in class just as pissed off as I was about them, and not just about the gigantic abortion pictures but about the whole ridiculous genocide comparison. Warmed my heart. Also, unrelated to the abortion thing, but at the belltower there were free HIV screen and free condom, which also made me happy.

Bad thing: I stupidly tried to downloads a PDF of a book and my laptop got hit with a bunch of malware. It's a bunch of fake antivirus stuff that bombarded me with popups saying my computer is infected (no shit, but they listed a bunch of fake infections) and kept asking me to buy their "product".

Good thing: After some googling and some virus scans I got enough of the nasty stuff off so that my laptop is functional, which is good enough at least until finals are over.

Bad thing: DEAR GOD THE POST OFFICE. Getting my passport application in has taken way to long. The first post office I went to didn't process passports. The second did but you needed an appointment, plus the only hours available were during school hours. Ugh. I was carrying the papers and my birth certificate around with me all week; just ripe for identity theft!

Good thing: Finally got to a place that could process the papers for me, and it went very smoothly. The woman who did it was really nice, and well, I'm finally getting a passport! I the application for the Japan program off to the Japanese Consulate and now I'm just waiting to hear back :D
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Dealing with PayPal is like pulling teeth. They made make me jump through flaming barbed wire hoops just to just to get a password reminder, then in the end I couldn't recover my password because they want me to enter credit card info as a security measure, but the one they have on file is the old expired one that's been trashed for months. So with that account apparently inaccessible I created a new one, which I don't like doing because I don't like the dangling threads of abandoned accounts, and now I have to wait two days for them to verify my bank account. And I just wanted to buy stuff of Ebay. >:(

I bought Dragon Age: Origins with my not-lost-forever giftcards, and it's great so far, but three hours into the game I'm stuck in a spot where I keep dying. It's getting frustrating, being killed a dozen times in a row.

BUT I HAVE A PAID ACCOUNT NOW YAY so I will soothe my frustration by going off to find more icons for my lovely new icon space.
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Happy Yom Kippur, everybody! My Judaism class was canceled for the holiday, though sadly not my later class, and since I'm not Jewish I can't justify staying home. And because of the cancellation I now have a three hour break between work and class. Blerg. But I wrangled me a computer here in the lab and I have a paper due Wednesday I can work on (or, y'know. I can blog).

Also I'm on a Mac right now and this is different and strange. I just googled "how to right click on a mac". This keyboard is a bitch to use, with the keys sticking and taking a lot of force to press down. None of the PC keyboards give me these problems. :P

Stayed late at work this morning since I didn't have to run off to class and finally met my coworker Paul. It's so strange working a job where I can go a month without meeting my coworkers, only interacting with them through emails and post-it notes. Work was very boring, since Dominique is out for Yom Kippur too, and calls and emails are very sparse. Ended up passing the time with a mix of homework and playing around on the internet.

Nothing interesting has been going on. Saw District 9 last week, which I loved. Need to figure out what's going on with my debit card, whether it's expired or not (it works some places and not others) and how to get a new one if it is. School goes on, though it's hard to believe it's only two weeks until midterms. The first big papers for two classes are due this week and next week. Oh, and we have a peer editing session for one of them on Wednesday, which I'm not looking forward to. I hate showing my writing to other people, and I hate having to critique my classmates' stuff. I never want to be too harsh even if they need it, or I can't find anything to comment on but feel like I should correct something. No fun, overall. Though at least it forces me to write a rough draft, which I should really get into the habit of doing rather than get frustrated trying to get it all right on the first go.

Okay then, must be going to class soon. So long.


May. 1st, 2008 08:11 pm
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Oh, I don't know what to do. There's this guy who I've talked to on the trolley a few times and it turns out we live near each other so we ended up walking together for a while a few weeks ago. Then I didn't see until today. We walked from the trolley stop and he decided to walk me home even though it's out of his way. I'd told him where I work before and today I ended up telling him my schedule, which was a mistake, and he's planning to visit me at work. And he asked me if I wanted to go to a club or coffee place with him. I don't. But when I said no he kept asking why and saying "But we're friends, right" and I don't have the guts to flat out tell him, no, we're not friends. He's probably going to ambush me at work just as we're closing then ask me to go somewhere with him. He's nice, but I have no interest in anything with him. And if he corners me at work and asks me out, I don't know what I'm going to do. I also don't know how to gracefully get out of answering a question I don't want to answer. He asks so many question and I wouldn't put it past him to ask exactly which apartment I live in or for my phone number. Seriously, what do you say? "None of your business" sounds too mean and "I'd rather not answer that" sounds so uptight. I don't like this. Now I want to move into the city sooner solely to avoid him, but that's not a good plan is it.

My dad's going to Syracuse, NY for the weekend with his girlfriend and he took the camera, so I can't post picture of the tattoo. Sorry. It's all weird and flaky now and it hurts when I move my shoulders.

I don't want to go to communications class tomorrow. On Wednesday we ended up talking about rape and some of the stuff a few guys were saying made me want to smack them. Like, "If I get drunk and sleep with some monster (yes, he actually used the word monster to describe an unattractive woman) can I call it rape?" If we get back on that topic tomorrow I don't know how I'm going to stay sane. It all makes me lose hope for humanity and for me.

My good mood from getting the tattoo is ruined. Stupid guy who won't take the hint when I say no, and stupid guys at school. Blech. It all sucks.


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