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A bit more about the jury thing-

I don't think it'll actually be that bad. I was at the courthouse all day yesterday, 8:30 - 4:30, so I was tired and uncomfortable by the end and being told I'd have to come back set off an "oh god no" reaction. But hey, I have an excuse to try out different eateries around the courthouse during our lunch breaks.

I could have brought up things that might have stopped them from choosing me, but it's all stuff that I don't think would prevent me from being objective- I think the judge's "look into your conscience and be honest" speech made me scared to claim things I wasn't entirely sure about. One thing brought up is that you can't do outside research relating to the case; the judge pretty much said "no Googling", and they specially said you can't comb the social media spots for info/opinions. I could have told them "as soon as I get home I'm going to be making a livejournal post about this" and maybe been disqualified XD But, I will resist Googling and oversharing. The judge was pretty cool, definitely the most relaxed and least serious of all the court folk. Probably because she knows she's the top dog in the room :P And the bailiff looked like Jackie Earl Haley!

Today there was a bunch of stuff going on in the city and I...well, I tried to participate. There was a Walk for Choice I planned on being part of. I got in late and rushed to see if I could intercept them along the walking route but couldn't find them, then walked about half the route trying to catch up but never managed it. The walk was meeting up with a pro-union rally in Love Park...which I also missed. There were some lingering people with signs from both groups when I arrived, but stuff was over by then. So it was pretty much a day of me failing at activism. :(

I hit up a thrift store while I was in town though and got a nice pair of boots for cheap. Oh, and funny story- about two weeks ago there was a book I wanted but neither Borders or B&N had it, so I figured it was out of print and ordered it from an individual seller. Today at the thrift store I go to the bookshelf and, there's the book. -_- Very funny, universe.
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