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Ever since [ profile] wednesday42 posted pictures of her visit to her local junk sculpture garden I've been jonesing to go to the one around here, and I finally got to yesterday! It's called the Magic Garden, a beautiful place that consists of a city rowhome and a small lot/courtyard next to it. I'd walked past it before and saw the mosaics on the wall and part of the courtyard and thought that was all, but it turns out there's much more. I was the only one there when I visited and had plenty of time and space to wander and take photos.

I took a lot of photos so I'll post some here and the rest are here in a scrapbook gallery, with a few comments beneath the pictures. And those photos aren't resized if you want to see them really big. Feel free to leave comments or questions about those ones here!

The main art style of the place is mosaics, made up of glass, mirrors, pottery, stone, tiles (both painted and unpainted) etc. plus a lot of found objects and sculptures. Large parts of the house's interior were covered in mosaics. The above is the first floor, which also serves as a gallery for the artist's framed art.

The basement of the house. Every inch of it of it was covered.

There were so many little things to see within the larger mosaics. Lots of writing and poetry too.

Even the bathroom is decorated!

Tortoise tile! There were several of these. :)

The courtyard was more complex than I though; it had walls built up (made mostly of bottles and bicycle wheels) so it was a mini-maze, and parts of it were dug out to basement level so it was a multi-level maze with lots of stairs. This is a shot from one of the lower levels.

Back inside, part of a second gallery in the back of the house.

The outer wall of building.

And the wall opposite the previous picture. No idea if Batman is related or not ;)

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