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Saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, and I have some thoughts!

First of all I went with my mom and since this graphic's been circulating recently it came to mind:

Because I was 14 or 15 when I saw my first HP movie in theaters with my mom and sisters, and now I'm seeing the last one with her at 23 (and I'll be 24 when the 2d part come out!). Also, seeing all the little kids in the theater it struck me that the whole Harry Potter series started before these kids were born. I felt old. :(

Onward to the movie though.

-First of all, I liked it a lot more than the 6th movie, which is good because I didn't like the 6th one at all. One of the issues with the 6th was pacing- I thought they had to rush through with a lot of really short scenes just for the sake of getting plot points in there, and with the 7th movie split into 2 they can avoid that.

-But something that does carry over from the 6th movie is Bellatrix- I really don't like the way Helena Bonham Carter plays her. I don't like the brand of crazy she gives Bellatrix. Might be a difference of interpretation but I pictured Bellatrix as more of a stoic, subtle person with bouts of wild madness, rather that Carter's crazy-eyed cackling mad Bellatrix. I can't stand the slow, whispery way she delivers the lines. The torture scene where she flips out on Hermione was really well done, and genuinely scary, but I think it would have been more effective if she wasn't that crazy all the time.

-I thought Ron was cheated out of some really emotional scenes, him freaking out over Hermione being tortured one of them. I really wanted to see him yelling and screaming at that. Another was the reunion with Harry when they were getting the Sword or Gryffindor- it was just "Oh hey Ron, you're back" and straight on to the Horcrux. It looks like they were saving the emotion for when Hermione was there to stress the Ron/Hermione romance, but c'mon movie, the Ron/Harry friendship was some of the best stuff in the book! Real shame it's not as important in the movie.

-It's also shame Harry and Dudley's reconciliation had to be cut (another of my favorites from the book), though I liked the scenes of all three of the trio preparing themselves in the beginning.

-Loved the sets for the Ministry of Magic. Also loved the three actors who played the polyjuiced trio in the Ministry and thought they did a great job of conveying that freaked out "oh god what I am doing" feeling the kids must have been feeling.

-So this random Death Eater whom I don't even remember from the books is...really hot. It's creating that dilemma of not wanting to be attracted to a character who's a really horrible person and does terrible things, but. Goddamn.

-This is a nitpick, but lol what was up with Snape's hair at the beginning? It looked like he came straight from the hair salon, all fluffy and bouncy. What happened to the ugly greasy-haired Snape?

-Introduction of Bill Weasley was pretty clumsy. And boooo, no Dean Thomas. Luckily Luna's there, and her father and house were exactly as I pictured them.

-LOVED the way they did the story of the Deathly Hallows/three brothers.

Overall I'm much happier with this one than I have been with the past few movies. Keep it up for the second half and I'll be one happy Harry Potter fan.

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