Dec. 9th, 2010

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Hey! LJ is offering this free holiday cookie v-gift, so does anyone want a v-gift? I can send five free ones. Digital cookies for your profile!

I finally got to watch the finale of The Walking Dead yesterday (I missed the airing on Sunday) and I have all sorts of thoughts that I want to type out. I should be focusing on my finals at the moment so I'll hold off that until next week, but the longer I wait the more long-winded and rambling I'm likely to get. It's nice to be watching an actual scripted TV show again. It's the first non-cartoon, non-reality TV show I've gotten into since Lost, and as frustrating as cliffhangers and long waits between seasons can be (arrrgh no season 2 until next Halloween) it's fun getting pulled into a large, drawn-out story & world like this.

In a complete non sequitur, there is a mouse living in my kitchen, and my cat is being COMPLETELY USELESS. He sits and stares at the gap under the stove and...gets bored and wanders off. No matter how much I point at the kitchen and yell "Get it! Goooo!" \If he actually saw the mouse scurrying around I think he'd either RUN AWAY, or keep staring. That mouse has gotta be laughing at us at this point.


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